What Makes the NLC Service Line Warranty Program the Best Service Line Warranty Provider Choice?

by | Sep 14, 2015 | Arizona, Education, Financial Shock, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Large Cities, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Public-Private Partnerships, Service Line Responsibilities, Use of Logo

iStock_000004509240Medium Building private label ptrners slideExperience: More than 250 cities, large and small, across North America have introduced the NLC Service Line Warranty Program to its residents. Cities such as Atlanta, Georgia; Phoenix, Arizona; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and Kansas City, Missouri, to name a few, have adopted the program.

Consumer-friendly marketing: Marketing material is designed to educate homeowners about their service line responsibilities while communicating program value. Nothing is mailed to residents without the city’s knowledge and approval. Limiting the frequency of mailings helps protect resident privacy and reduce the number of calls to the city from frustrated residents who have received too many offer letters.

Brand integrity and confidence: Customer service is the cornerstone of the program’s success.

Support economic growth: Use of qualified, vetted contractors licensed to do business in the city keeps money in the local economy and ensures repairs are made efficiently and quickly.