Don’t take our word for it-partners and homeowners are speaking out about the many program benefits and are quickly spreading the word. The NLC Service Line Warranty Program and ServLine Program provide a valuable service to communities across the U.S., and your organization can be among the many to make a difference.

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What City Officials, Partners & Customers Are Saying

“This NLC Service Line Warranty Program has been available to Clarksburg’s residents for nearly two years, and it’s a real winner. Resident satisfaction is high and it’s a lot easier to tell citizens about this great new service rather than explain why they are on the hook for costly repairs.” – James C. Hunt, Former Councilmember, Clarksburg, WV

“The program payouts have been huge for our homeowners; over $230,000 in water and sewer line repairs alone in 24 months. It really illustrates the fact that the NLC Service Line Warranty Program is responsive.” – Bryan Long, City Manager, Lawton, OK

“Many of our residents are income restricted and the cost to repair a service line could be devastating, and the City wanted the residents to have a low cost option for such repairs. The City’s decision was made through the experience of other communities with SLWA. All input was positive! As the City Clerk, I personally have heard from a handful of citizens that participate in the warranty program and have used the warranty for repairs. All have given positive feedback from their experience.” – Michelle Duff, City Clerk, Thornton, IA

“SLW of America has done exactly what they claim and we have heard nothing but praise from our citizens for the program. The benefit for our City Sewer Department is fewer call-outs; because the homeowners’ failing service lines are finally getting fixed. Local plumbers embraced the program and I have heard nothing but positive comments from them. I whole-heartedly endorse the NLC-USP program and feel it will continue to be a valuable approach to proactively addressing the problem of decaying water and sewer infrastructure.” – Kurt Bookout, Public Utilities Director, El Dorado, KS

“The majority of the homes within our municipality are from the early 1900’s with the original service lines. The city heard the need of this insurance from residents. High quality of customer service, reasonable prices, and use of locally licensed plumbers. (Service Line Warranties of America) SLWA offers a good product and quality customer service to Berwyn’s residents.” – Ruth Volbre, Assistant City Administrator, Berwyn, IL

“At the end of the day, our job is to provide service to a customer with a vital need they have every day. ServLine assists the utility to do that.” – Bob Freudenthal, Executive Director, Tennessee Association of Utility Districts


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Reputation Reviews

“Working with ServLine has been a win-win for our customers and the utility. It has saved both the utility and customers thousands of dollars. The process has been easy and efficient with claims being handled promptly.” – Kenny Baird, General Manager, LaFollette Utilities, TN


“Our ServLine experience has been fantastic. It has helped us with all facets of our work. Customer interaction, customer options, revenue control, etc. I am very pleased and extremely satisfied with the product.” – Liz Ordiales, Mayor, City of Hiawassee, GA


“The ServLine Program provides great savings of both money and time dealing with leak adjustments, as well as providing greater benefit to our customers. It’s a win-win!” – Tommy Fannin, CFO, Ocoee Utility District, TN


“This program [ServLine] directly impacts our customers by eliminating the burden of a high water bill due to a leak. Our customers are very appreciative to us for providing this service.” – Jimmy Langley, General Manager, Luttrell, Blaine, Corryton Utility District, TN


“We would like to thank all of ServLine’s staff members that we have had the pleasure of dealing with. They are professional, efficient, and pleasant. Thanks to all of you!” – Angel Fair, City Clerk, City of Morganton, GA


“I can’t say enough about this program! ServLine is what we are all about in the top of our conversation with our new customers and current customers who ask or hear us talking about it. It has saved our municipality several thousands of dollars we would have written off. ServLine has also helped with our ‘resident longevity.’ Meaning, if the customer has a leak and owed a huge bill that they couldn’t pay, the customer would get so behind and end up cut off and/or vacating the residence and end up on our collections list. ServLine has been a lifesaver for us and our customers and has brought tears of joy and relief. This is the best program out there!” – Jennie Cagle, Waterworks Department Manager, City of Niota, TN


“ServLine has already been a blessing even during the very first month being on board!” – Sherry Walker, Office Manager, Date County Water Authority, GA


“I was, at first, skeptical about the monthly cost and wisdom of purchasing ServLine. Then I had one of those unfortunate incidents of corrosion eating through a fitting just downline of my meter. As soon as I received the first high water bill, I located the leak and repaired it. The claim process was as expected as to required information, and payment was fast. I have had several of these water line breaks over the years in various places. I believe ServLine is a great answer to cost containment for water loss beyond my control.” – Castalian Springs-Bethpage, Water Utility Customer

“My claims adjuster was excellent. He followed up with me very timely and answered all the questions I had.” – Eastside Utility District Customer

“Such a relief to have this assistance. That high of a water bill would have been such a strain on our finances.” – Eastside Utility District Customer

“I’m very well pleased everything was handled in a timely manner.” – Eastside Utility District Customer

“I found this to be a very easy process.” – Eastside Utility District Customer