Rural Water Association Circuit Rider Information

Why Should Municipalities and Utilities Offer the ServLine Leak Protection Program?

Aging infrastructure causes more and more damage as time goes on, and circuit riders are on the forefront of educating rural water associations about their responsibilities and solutions to water line leaks. Water leaks at the customer level can negatively impact utility budgets, efficiency and customer perception, and although the utility is not responsible for the repairs or extra charges, it will often partially adjust the amount owed when a customer receives an abnormally high water bill. However, the portion the resident must cover can still be beyond their means, leaving them with a long payment plan and a feeling of dissatisfaction with their water utility.

The ServLine Leak Protection Program is a win-win for water utilities and their customers. The program is designed to:

  • Protect all qualifying customers from this potentially costly expense
  • Help water utilities recapture lost revenue and bad debt associated with customer water leaks
  • Unburden the utility from the stress, effort and time involved in the administration of the leak adjustment process

An affiliate partner of the National Rural Water Association and numerous State and State Rural Water Associations, ServLine helps utilities lower costs while enhancing customer peace of mind and satisfaction.

Strategic Partnerships with Key National and Local Associations

ServLine Turns a Difficult Situation Into a Moment of Delight.

It’s a Win-Win. Lower Cost While Improving Customer Satisfaction.

Minimize Unnecessary Cost Exposure and Liability

Why Should Municipalities and Utilities Offer the Service Line Repair Program?


BECAUSE an unforeseen repair expense could be hard on a budget.

BECAUSE homeowners believe service line repairs are the city’s responsibility.

BECAUSE without a referral, your citizens may use inferior contractors.

BECAUSE the city can further help its residents by generating funds for important programs.

BECAUSE your homeowners deserve the very best customer experience.

It’s a Proven Solution.


Proven Track Record of Customer Participation

  • Customers want this protection – 96% customer participation Nationwide
  • Customer participation increases over time – 99% customer participation with longest-running utility partnership

Proven Track Record of Utility and Customer Satisfaction

  • 148 water utilities partnered with ServLine
  • 70%+ higher customer satisfaction with utility because of ServLine claim

Backed by National Associations

  • Affinity partner of National Rural Water Association
  • Partnership with 29 State Rural Associations

Service Line Repair Information

Water/Sewer Coverage


  • Up to ($8,500 or more, depending on your city’s needs) coverage per incident for repair/replacement of leaking, clogged or broken lines from the point of utility connection to the home exterior
  • No annual or lifetime limits, deductibles, service fees, forms or paperwork
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Repairs made only by licensed, local area contractors


In-Home Plumbing & Drainage Coverage


  • Up to $3,000 per incident on all water supply and drain lines
    inside the home after the point of entry
  • No annual or lifetime limits, deductibles, service fees, forms or paperwork
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Repairs made only by licensed, local area contractors