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WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – West Springfield residents now have the option to pay for water and sewer line insurance.

Homeowners in West Springfield have had to pay thousands of dollars to repair ruptured water and sewer lines.

This insurance will cover this expense.

The town of West Springfield partnered with “HomeServe’s Service Line Warranties of America” to make protection available to homeowners for the water and sewer lines that connect their homes to water mains.

The insurance is voluntary and costs $13 a month for both the water and sewer line.

HomeServe said they will have a local contractor come to your home whenever a repair is needed. One West Springfield resident told 22News, the new service is a great alternative option for homeowners.

“I think it’s something I might consider,” Joan Raimondo said. “It’s up to the person and their own budget and what they can fit in and what chances they want to take.”

HomeServe’s Myles Meehan told 22News it can cost you more than $2,500 to pay to repair a water or sewer line in towns without the insurance.

Meehan said most of the water and sewer line repairs they are seeing in the northeast are due to aging infrastructure.