On November 10, 2010, we were proud to announce our new partnership with the National League of Cities. Details of our partnership can be found in the endorsement letter below.

Dear City Official:
The National League of Cities (NLC) is pleased to partner with Utility Service Partners, Inc. (USP) [now the NLC Service Line Warranty Program by HomeServe] in offering the NLC Service Line Warranty Program (SLWP). Our Service Line Warranty Program is an affordable home protection solution for your residents to help them deal with the financial burden of unanticipated utility line repair and replacement costs that are not the city’s responsibility to repair. Some additional program benefits are:

  • No cost for cities to participate
  • Affordable rates for residents
  • Repairs made by trusted local contractors
  • Reduces local officials’ frustration
  • Increases citizen satisfaction

We selected this program because of two outstanding features. First, by endorsing the NLC Service Line Warranty Program, the city generates extra revenue. SLWP will pay the city a royalty on every dollar collected. The Program generates an on-going, sustainable source of revenue for the city. Second, the program helps stimulate the local economy. SLWP uses local contractors to complete the repairs, which helps keep money in the local economy.

Some other things to consider in evaluating our Service Line Warranty Program are 1) SLWP pays for the repairs, not your residents, 2) all repairs are performed to local code, 3) customers are provided with a 24/7 customer service repair hotline, and 4) SLWP is responsible for all aspects of the program including marketing, billing, customer service and performing all repairs.

The Warranty Program came to the attention of the NLC through a grass roots effort that began in West Virginia, Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas. Participating cities have been delighted with the program and eagerly endorse it to the NLC.

When you participate in an NLC-endorsed program, you have the satisfaction of knowing that the NLC staff is working with the service provider to offer superior service. We are here to help cities participate in the program and make sure the program works for you. I strongly encourage you to consider NLC for solutions, service and savings.

For more information about the NLC Service Line Warranty Program, contact NLC Service Line Warranty Program. I also invite you to visit the NLC’s website at http://www.nlc.org/find-city-solutions/savings-and-solutions.

Clarence Anthony
Clarence Anthony
Executive Director