Maine Partnerships

Lighthouses and rocky beaches, lobster dinners and blueberries for miles… Maine is a stunning state for any lover of the great outdoors. But it shares one thing with every other state… aging infrastructure that can lead to unforeseen damages to service lines for residents. That’s why so many communities throughout Maine have turned to HomeServe programs to help their residents in their times of need.

Most homeowners don’t realize they are responsible for the water and sewer lines from the street to their meter, and are shocked to find they must pay to repair damage caused by age, tree roots, and other issues. Planning ahead and having a warranty program in place to cover these costs can make all the difference when an unexpected emergency occurs.

In fact, in Maine we’ve already begun to expand our partnership network. State residents have more than 9,700 policies already, and have saved more than $700,000 since 2017. Nationally, we have saved customers over $1.1 billion over the past three years. 

HomeServe Cares Foundation

At HomeServe, caring is in the fabric of our corporate culture. Which is why we are committed to putting people at the heart of everything we do, and that includes our corporate social responsibility. We actively support and care for People, Veterans, the Common Good and Communities, both locally and nationwide with the HomeServe Cares Foundation.

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Mike Chambers

Maine Regional Account Director

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Customer Testimonials

  • A job well done. Handled with efficiency and ease for us in replacing the entire sewer drain line. The Homeserve rep and their plumbing contractor scored a 10 on this claim. – Olga H., Portland, ME
  • Excellent prompt service when water was filling up in cellar ! – Katherine A., Portland, ME
  • You helped me out when I was having a very bad plumbing problem! Fast and very friendly service. I’m so glad I have this insurance. – Matthew G., Biddeford, ME
  • We have always had excellent service with Home Serve, the people they sent out to do the job were great and very pleasant. – E.K., South Portland, ME
  • This is the first time I had to call to use your service. I will say that the Person answering the phone and after hearing of my problem was very helpful. After explaining that I needed service ASAP as there was a very ill person in my home, this person was able to set everything up that day and within an hour of speaking with this Lady I heard from the person locally that does the work I needed. He was here with in one half hour. The problem was noted & he went to work to correct it. He told me what I needed to have repaired so in the future I should be free of worry. I have three Homeserve account with you and after dealing with this problem I am very pleased that I do. Thank you very much. – Mary Alice, South Portland, ME