The NLC Service Line Warranty Program’s contractor network is designed to exceed the highest standards of professionalism. Every contractor is subjected to a personal interview, including a site visit and inspection of their facilities, before being accepted into our network. We ensure that each contractor we hire meets the following qualifications:

  • A current state license
  • Minimum insurance requirements including:
  1. worker’s compensation insurance as required by law;
  2. automotive liability insurance as required by law; and
  3. general commercial liability insurance of at least $1,000,000.
  • Feedback and Quality Rankings: scorecards are maintained for each contractor which rank the customer satisfaction rating for work performed. Those with high ratings are rewarded with increased job opportunities while any contractor receiving an unacceptable rating is removed from the network.

Only plumbing professionals that share SLWP’s commitment to excellence in customer service are considered as candidates. SLWP ensures that every member of our contractor network has the proper equipment, licenses and commitment to restore the failed line as quickly and effectively as possible. Scorecards that monitor customer satisfaction for completed repairs are maintained for each contractor. Feedback is shared with our contractors and those with low scores are removed from the network. Plumbing professionals are initially interviewed by the SLWP Contractor Services Team and then can move on to become potential candidates.

SLWP network contractors can expect:

  • Steady stream of work
  • Opportunity for new customer acquisition and repeat business
  • Help keep dollars in your local economy

If you are interested in joining our contractor network, please click below!