Case Study: Yonkers, NY

Evangelina G. of Yonkers noticed many of her neighbors were experiencing water line breaks, especially during the winter months, and began worrying about the line servicing her home.

The City of Yonkers partnered with a warranty company (NOT the NLC Service Line Warranty Program) to offer residents protection against the expense of service line repairs. Evangelina, a single mother raising two sons, saved for two and a half months until she had $204.76 – the cost of a year-long service line warranty – and sent it off in mid-March. A few days later, her check was cashed, and Evangelina relaxed. She only had to get through the required waiting period and she would be covered. After several weeks, Evangelina called her home warranty company to find out if she would be receiving her new customer packet. She received the packet about one week later.

Then, in early May, she received a notification from the city that she had a leak near the main line, and because it was lead, the entire line would have to be replaced in order to bring it to code, which could cost as much as $10,000.

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